Boatie NEOPRENE Can Cooler- Summer

Sip Hip Hooray Boatie Koozies! *Please note that these are neoprene, not foam!* Neoprene Can Cooler that fit Cans or Bottles Double Sided Print Blue Koozie White Ink - napkins, Sip Hip Hooray, Cup, Cups, Koozie, Can Cooler, Can coolers, Coaster, Coasters, frosted cups, frosted cup, foam cup, styrofoam cup, styrofoam cups, quick ship, reusable cups, shatterproof, beach, ocean, sand, family, sunshine, sunscreen, beach ball, booze, drinking, fun, beach house, toys, summer, vacation, family vacation, sun, lake, lake life, river, boat, float, raft, swing, tube, tubing, sun, sunburn, ocean, waves, sand, whale
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