November 1, 2020

Joyful Gifting

The Art of Gifting can sometimes seem impossible to master. Even the most organized and creative gift givers can find it challenging during the holidays. Stressing over what to gift, how much to spend and how to package your gift can lead to just putting it off and then panic!   How many times have you been in one store searching for an item, not finding anything and then you are off to another store to try again. Before you know it, you have spent way too much and  you still  need to find out how to package everything.  The thought really is what matters BUT you want to feel good about the gift you are presenting.   You are not alone!  We consistently hear from our clients that they love to gift but they are overwhelmed and need help this time of year. How can you be more on top of gift giving?

Tips to Master the Art of Gifting

Planning ahead is the key to a successful gift giving season.

of who you are gifting.  Add to the list a few last minute gifts you might need for hostess, birthdays, and thank you gifts.
SET A BUDGET that best fits you and be realistic.
GATHER details about the persons you are gifting in advance if you can.  Make any notes next to their name. 
TIMELINE When are the teacher gifts due?  Do I need to ship? Make a list of when you need each gift so you can prioritize. 
CONSIDER PACKAGING How do you like to package your gifts?  Do you have everything you need? Save time by keeping items on hand so you are not searching at the last minute.  
CONSIDER THE RECIPIENT Have they mentioned  a hobby?  Do you see them drinking coffee everyday?  Do they have a pet? Do they wear bright colors?  Its okay if you don't know. Its nice to have a couple of gifts that everyone will like in mind (i.e. local holiday food item, annual desktop calendar, holiday candle).
BE GENUINE, don't overspend unnecessarily.   
SCHEDULE SHOPPING TIME Set aside a time in your schedule where you can focus on gift giving for the holidays.  Even if its only an hour here and there, it will make a difference.  Planning a day out with a friend is another way to check several gifts off your list at once and it's fun!
PERSONALIZE your gift by including a handwritten note.

DO YOU NEED HELP? Are there gifts that you can outsource? Do you find it challenging every year to buy for a specific person? Are you limited on time?  How do you pull it all together?  This is the perfect opportunity to have a gift company help you with one gift or several people on your list:) 

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