Dock & Bay Toiletry Bags - Phi Phi Pink: One Size

Your stripy travel must-have - space for your moisturiser, SPF, makeup or whatever you like, really. Durable, zip-up cosmetic bag with an easy-grab handle (in case you’re late for a flight). Your travel essentials, all in one bag. Why should you add this Wash Bag to your basket? * Heavy-duty - A super strong Cosmetic Bag with space for EVERYTHING you need * Easy-grab - Double-faced handle for easy pick up (in case you’re late for a flight) * Super Stripy - Choose from two bestselling Dock & Bay colours * Safety first - Internal side pocket for storing valuables * Hard-wearing - Durable material and premium zip means no accidental breakage * Planet-Kind - Made from 100% recycled materials * Washable - Hand Wash cycle under 30 degrees,/ul>
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