Team AOC proposed an unlikely combination of caramel popcorn and Italian black summer truffles...could this possibly work? Of course! Truffles are a perfect foil for rich flavors and there was no exception with caramel popcorn. We played with the combination of sweet to savory and created the world's first truffle caramel popcorn. It's a flavor combination that you can't stop snacking on. Rip open the bag & your nose is greeted by the unmistakable aroma of truffle, you can see speckles of black truffle in the caramel. The cautious start with one small piece gingerly placed in your mouth will instantly transport you to the world of truffle. We toss plenty of Maldon salt into the mix giving you the umami burst of flavor you're hoping is there. Not too sweet and not too savory, its the Goldilocks of caramel popcorn. So, dive right in and keep going till you reach the bottom of the bag, completely satisfied. Hand packed in our signature 2 oz bags
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